Vol: 48 Page: 53

Iwona Mejza
Katarzyna Ambroży-Deręgowska
Jan Bocianowski
Józef Błażewicz
Marek Liszewski
Kamila Nowosad
Dariusz Zalewski

A method for analysis and interpretation of data from field and brewery trials

Language: Enlish

HSD Tukey’s test
split-block-plot design
brewing barley

In the paper a method for statistical analysis of data with brewing barley is proposed which allows to use information from designing a field experiment. The experiment was conducted during the growing seasons 2008–2010 in Agricultural Research Station in Pawłowice in Poland with two factors: methods of nitrogen fertilization and spring barley cultivars Sebastian and Mauritia. Collected barley grain for each combination of the factors and replicates was the experimental material deliveries of raw material prepared for processing in a malt-house. In the proposed method a split-block-plot design is applied, which is the combination of a split-block design (for the field experiment) and a split-plot design (for brewery experiment). The main goal of the paper is to analyze of malt in terms among others, extractivity, with full information coming up from the field experiment.