International Biometrical Colloquium (Międzynarodowe Colloquium Biometryczne)

Biometrical Colloquium is all-Polish scientific conference organized continuously since 1970. This tradition was initiated by Professor Wiktor Oktaba. Biometrical Colloquium has international character since 1999. The participants are from different countries such as: Holland, Great Britain, Germany, Portugal, Greece, Czech Republic and Slovakia. The language of conference is mainly English although some papers are presented and printed in Polish. Biometrical Colloquium takes place every year in different Polish scientific centres under the patronage of The Polish Biometric Society.

Main aims of International Biometrical Colloquium:

  1. presentation and promotion new and modified classical statistical methods applied to planning of factorial experiments and gaining experimental data in studies of different phenomena mainly in biological, agricultural and technological sciences,
  2. presentation and promotion of application of new and modified classical statistical methods useful in analysis of empirical data from sources mentioned above,
  3. pointing facilitating and evaluation of usefulness of statistical methods for planning experiments and analysis of data on example of real experiments and different empirical studies,
  4. critical reviews of scientific literature concerning statistical methodology of researches in biology and agricultural disciplines,
  5. presentation of general and philosophical considerations on different subject from mathematical statistics, biometry, experimentation, epidemiology, etc.,
  6. advanced education in applications of biometry and experimentation by monographic and training lectures.

We invite wide group of scientists: statisticians, mathematicians, specialists of different scientific disciplines mentioned above and practicians using statistical methods to attendance at International Biometrical Colloquium. It is an opportunity to interdisciplinary exchange of work, experience, opinion and view connected with biometry, experimentation and different applications of mathematical statistics in theoretical and practical biology.