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11Ceranka B., Graczyk M.Regular D-optimal weighing designs with non-negative correlations of errors constructed from some block designsEnglish
218Kubik-Komar A.Application of multivariate statistical analyzes for comparison of Betula pollen seasons 2001-2016 in LublinEnglish
327Bocianowski J., Nowosad K., Liersch A., Popławska W., Łącka A.Genotype by environment interaction for length of flowering time in winter oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.) using additive main effects and multiplicative interaction modelEnglish
439Bartkowiak A.M., Liebhart J.Random forests supplemented by parallel fences plots: a study in spirometric diagnosticsEnglish
553Mejza I., Ambroży-Deręgowska K., Bocianowski J., Błażewicz J., Liszewski M., Nowosad K., Zalewski D.A method for analysis and interpretation of data from field and brewery trialsEnlish